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"Empowering national talents with future skills is a key pillar of Dubai's vision.​"

Applied Foresight Learning Journey and Professional Foresight Certification

Applications are closed now.

Application deadline: November 30th 2023, 11.59pm (GMT+4)

the DFEP

A professional certification program designed to develop and establish a network of verified strategic foresight experts in key sectors in the government of Dubai to be utilised for future-oriented research and projects.

The program is a collaboration between The Executive Council of Dubai and Dubai Future Foundation, and it hosts pioneering future experts from across the globe.

The program spans over 6 months. It consists of two levels of certifcation, each level is approx 3 months

Level 1

Certified Foresight Practitioner

January - March 2024*

Participants immerse in an intensive program that develops their foresight competence with hands-on application of the entire foresight process. Individuals who successfully complete the learning experience will be completing the Certified Foresight Practitioner exam.

Level One

By the end of level one, candidates will be able to:

Launch their foresight practice with hands-on application of the entire process through a project relevant to Dubai.

Build skills by applying future thinking and foresight to a real world challenge.

Drive results and outcomes by applying foresight.

Level 2

Certified Foresight Ambassador

April 2024 - June 2024*

A learning experience focused on developing the critical skills needed for each participant to create a foresight portfolio, or business case, around a challenge important to their organisation. Participants who successfully complete the learning experience may submit their portfolio for consideration for the Certified Foresight Ambassador designation.

Level Two

By the end of level two, candidates will be able to:

Create the business case for foresight via an applied and personalised portfolio.

Utilise the portfolio for tangible support in foresight implementation.

Generate impact and transformation through foresight.



AED 35,000 per participant

DFEP Overall Objectives

Develop a foresight-focused mindset in the government sector.

Establish a pool of certified foresight experts in key government sectors in Dubai.

Equip government entities with the capacity to continually explore and prepare for the future of Dubai.

Create impact and transformation through foresight.

High-Level Schedule

Level 1

Certified Foresight Practitioner


Program Commences
08 Jan
08 Jan - 19 Jan
3 hours
In-Person Session
22 Jan - 25 Jan
4 full learning days
Self-Directed Assignments
29 Jan - 16 Feb
20 hours
Live Online Session
5 Feb
1.5 hours
Live Online Session
12 Feb
1.5 hours
In-Person Session
19 Feb - 22 Feb
4 full learning days
Self-Directed Study
26 Feb - 01 Mar
10 hours
Practitioner Level Assessment
04 Mar - 08 Mar
1 hour
Level 2

Certified Foresight Ambassador

APRIL 2024 - JUNE 2024*

Program Commences
15 Apr
15 Apr - 19 Apr
3 hours
6 Self-Directed Modules (videos and assignments)
22 Apr - 27 May
18 hours
3 Mandatory Office Hours
7 May, 21 May, 4 Jun
3 hours
Self-Directed Portfolio Finalization
3 Jun - 10 Jun
5 hours

Applying to DFEP

Who are we Looking for?

We are looking for Emirati nationals at the Dubai local government/semi-government who aspire to become foresight experts in their sectors and willing to contribute to the future of Dubai.

  1. Employees at the Dubai local government/semi-government
  2. Middle and upper management employees (Directors, head of sections and above)
  3. Have a minimum of 5+ years of management/leadership experience
  4. Have experience in one or more of the following: strategic planning, research, foresight and innovation
  5. Minimum education of bachelor’s degree
  6. Are fluent in spoken and written Arabic and English
  7. Ready to commit for the whole duration of the program
  8. Provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their entity during the application process

Application stages

October 2023

Stage 1
Submission of Dubai Future Experts program Application Form

December 2023

Stage 2
Assessing elgibility and having an interview with DFEP selection committee

December 2023

Stage 3
Enrollment and completion of Dubai Future Foundation's online courses

* Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for stages: 2&3

How to Participate

For entity nominations

Please fill out the entity nomination form that has been shared with your entity's HR department and send it to the program's email
[email protected]

For self-nominations

Please apply by filling out the online form

Government Entities' Testimonials

Benefits of joining the program

Visibility and credibility

Obtain a globally recognised certification and designation in foresight by a global advisory council of practicing foresight professionals.

Connect with a strong network of foresight-certified peers

Join a local and global community of like-minded individuals and tap into international expertise and applications of foresight across the globe.

Access to DFF events and learnings

Attend DFF events such as the Dubai Future Forum among world experts and get discounted rates for learning and development opportunities.

Guide to Foresight framework

A 100+ page text developed to support anyone desiring to strengthen their foundational knowledge of foresight.

Access to a Learning Management System

A system with micro-learning opportunities, plug-and-play tools and templates, and a network of foresight practitioners.

Program Outcomes

20 Trends Analysis Reports

Identified and analysed trends that would shape Dubai’s development over the next decade on social, technology, economic, environmental and political aspects. The in-depth profiles include brief description of the trend, underlying signals and impact analysis

Developing Research Reports Supporting Dubai Plan 2030 ‘Towards 2030’

Working on a strategic level with TEC on the vision of 2030 by developing research projects, which included buiding a productive city, resilience in emergencies and crisis, digital transformation, flexible and empowering government, a cohesive society, and future of regulations.

45 research Reports

Developed future-shaping research reports to guide the development of the future of Dubai covering three focus areas: Transforming Economics and Societies, Future Digital Realities, Innovating for the planet.

Roadmap for Dubai to be the World's Number 1 City

Published a visual representation of the key factors most likely to shape Dubai’s next half-century. This map provides a visual guide for Dubai's efforts to become the world's number 1 city.

100+ Scenarios Developed for Dubai

Developed scenarios with implications of external forces, critical uncertainties, trends, and indicators on Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, and Political (STEEP) factors for Dubai from 2020-2040.

Research to reshape Dubai's economic sectors

6 papers have been published to help industries prosper during the post-COVID-19 era. The research covers the following sectors: healthcare, wellbeing, human capital, food security, mobility and transport, economy and cities of the future.

Applications are closed now.

Application deadline: November 30th 2023, 11.59pm (GMT+4)

For any support and inquiries, please contact: [email protected]