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Dubai Future Talks is an online platform that gathers a global community of visionaries, change-makers, and pioneers to share their experiences, insights, and research with the world. By sharing video content that is inspiring, engaging, and digestible, Dubai Future Talks spearheads conversations about the future.

Sparking Disruptive Change

Dubai Future Talks was born out of a simple yet powerful mandate – to curate, discuss, and amplify powerful ideas with the potential of shaping the future. From the curiosity-inspiring to the paradigm-shifting, bold ideas find expression across a series of multimedia conversations.

“Our goal is to identify ideas, organisations, and individuals that are at the forefront of change, and connect them with audiences around the world.”

“Dubai Future Talks builds on Dubai’s transformative story. It extends the city’s belief in future-readiness and foresight to create a community.”

Dubai Future Talks graphics

The spark of an idea

Dubai Future Talks was born out of the World Government Summit – the global platform shaping the future of governments worldwide. The gathering of well renowned and inspiring people created an initial spark that was formalised through Dubai Future Talks.

Future Talks Speakers

Exceptional speakers

Our speakers come from diverse backgrounds. Yet they have some things in common: the ability to inspire us with new ways of looking at the familiar; and to stretch the boundaries of the possible. From renowned author Malcom Gladwell to superstar astrophysicist Neil deGrass Tyson, they inspire us to dream of new futures and infinite possibilities.